Imagine if the place where the sea and forest meet made a song.” - Morgan Mullin

The Coast

Blue Lobelia is the contemporary classical solo project of multi-instrumentalist Rachel Bruch based in Kjipuktuk. Known for her mesmerizing live performances that blend improvised soundscapes with intricate arrangements, Blue Lobelia has enchanted audiences across Canada and beyond.

Since her debut album "Perennial" in 2016, Blue Lobelia has earned praise for her unique sound, akin to  'walking through an enchanted forest'. Her album, "Beneath all Bloom", secured "2019’s Best Album" from The Coast, while ‘Resilient Moon’ was in their top 10 albums of 2022 and was nominated for MNS '‘Best Folk/Roots Recording of the Year'. 

Blue Lobelia has surprised fans with a series of releases inspired by archival folk music influences. From the hauntingly beautiful 'Folk Songs & Broadside Ballads' (2021) and her EP of string quartet arrangements  ‘if cascades extreme’ (2023), to her live performances of traditional Italian Mountain Folk Fiddle tunes, her musical versatility is ever-expanding.

Blue Lobelia's forthcoming album, CLOUD, STRAWBERRY, MERMAID, PINK (Aug 2024) will also serve as her debut in the visual arts scene. The first single, ‘NEVER THE SAME GIRL’  is set to premiere at the Ground Rules Exhibition in May (CBCD) alongside an interactive art installation she created for the piece. With growing demand for her session and string arranging work,  Blue Lobelia is poised to make a lasting impression on the Canadian music scene.


Awards & Opportunities 


CCA Research and Creation Grant 

Cape Breton Center for Craft; Ground Rules Artist in Residence 

Private Study with Italian Mountain Fiddle Specialist Francesco Grasso


Album ‘Resilient Moon’ Nominated for MNS ‘Folk/Roots Recording of the Year’ and named ‘Top 10 album of 2022’ by The Coast 

ANS Professional Development Grant 

CCA Professional Development Grant 

CCA Research and Creation Grant 

Private study: Contemporary & Pop Vocals (Rachael Delano), Harmony (Maximilian Fleischmann), Trad & Country Swing (Anna Wedlock), Mentorship (Jacques Mindreau), and Klezmer & Jazz Manouche (Gina Burgess)


CFAT Media Arts Scholarship / Exhibition 

Helen Creighton Society Grant  

CCA Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant  

EAC/Zuppa '50 Things' Commission Recipient  


White Rabbit Arts, Artist in Residence 


NSCC Artist Development Project


The Deanery Project Artist in Residence 

Commissioned composition for David Caesar’s Arctic World 





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