May 5, 2022 Christchurch, Dartmouth (Helen Creighton Folk Club)

May 7, 2022 New Scotland Brewing, Dartmouth, 8 pm, NO COVER

Previous Shows

September - Lupin Dining
September - Art Arena
September - Argyle Fine Arts

February 8 - Winter Warmer Festival Songwriter's Circle (NB) 
November 7 - Nova Scotia Music Week Showcase
May 4 - The Lilac Lounge w/Hollow Twin (NS) 
May 18 - Paddlefest (NB) 
July 20 - Trunk 7 Music Festival (NS) 

December 9 - Abbey Cafe w/Pallmer (NB) 
October 12 - Salmon River Country Inn w/Kurtis Eugene (NS) 
September 14 - The Nook & Cranny w/Kurtis Eugene (NS) 
August 9 - House Concert w/Kurtis Eugene (NS)
August 10 - The Attic (Moncton) with Kurtis Eugene (NB)
August 11- Holy Whale Brewery/Buddah Bear Cafe with Kurtis Eugene (NB)
August 17 - House Concert (NS) 
August 24 - The Rolled Oat (NS) 
July 7 - Evolve Festival (NS)
July 21 - Trunk 7 Music Festival (NS)
March 27 The Carleton with NSCC The Project NS 
April 19 FLOURISH FEST with Olympic Symphonium & Kurtis Eugene  
April 23 Radstorm with Gianna Lauren & Her Harbour NS 
May 9 The Carleton with The Long War & Nik Field NS 
May 26 LIVING ROOTS FEST with Rory Taillon NB 
June 1st Radstorm with Bird City NS

2017 - With the leaves fall tour w/kurtis eugene
September 6 The Timber Lounge with Eric Brandon NS 
September 15 ConnexionArc Workshop NB 
September 15 Harvest Jazz & Blues Fest NB 
September 17 Ninkasi St- Jean QC 
September 20 Rideau Rouge QC 
September 22 Cafe Shaika QC 
September 23 L’Escalier QC 
September 24 Vibration Studio Anniversary ON 
September 27 The Rainbow ON 
September 29 House Show with Sam Chilton ON 
September 30 Neat Coffee Shop ON 
October 1 TWB Brewery ON 
October 6 Cornerstone ON 
October 6 Munzy Art Gallery ON 
October 8 Collective Arts Brewery ON 
October 11 Red Brick Café ON 
October 12 Timeless Café & Bakery ON 
October 13 Pub on the Hill ON 
October 14 The Local ON 
October 15 Evergreen Brickworks ON 
October 17 Mahtay Café & Lounge ON 
October 19 Private House Show ON

2017 August Swift summer tour w/kurtis eugene
August 26 Private Wedding NS 
August 25-26 Le Bistro by Liz NS 
August 20 House Concert NB 
August 19 Grimross Brewery Indie Night NB 
August 18 Pepper’s Pub with Sam Salmon NB 
August 16 The Red Herring with Josh Bravener NB 
August 13 Sunday’s in the Attic NB 
August 12 Rebecca’s Restaurant, Campbell Woods NS 
August 11 Sealight, Skylight Festival NS 
August 10 The Commune NS

2017 East Coast & Central Canada Tour With Kurtis Eugene and Transfiguration Day 
May 26 The Timber Lounge NS 
May 24 The Orchard Bar ON 
May 24 Dora Keoghs ON 
May 20 Vibration Studio ON 
May 19 The Record Centre ON 
May 17 Reads Café NB 
May 14 St. Peter’s Anglican Church NS 
May 13 Bus Stop Theatre NS 
May 12 Thunder and Lightening NB 
May 11 St. Mary’s Anglican Church PEI 
May 10 St. Mary’s Anglican Church NS 
May 7 Bilby House Concert NS 
April 28 The Cornerstone Restaurant ON 
April 27 Bathurst House Concert ON 
April 26 Queen Street House Concert ON 
April 23 Flourish Festival NB 
April 22 CHSR Capital Series (NB Inc) NB 
Le Bistro by Liz NS 
Argyle Fine Arts NS 

2016 Blue Lobelia Album Release Tour, Perennial with Richard Garvey 
April 27 The Cornerstone Guelph ON 
April 29 The Orchard Bar Toronto ON 
April 30 The Boathouse ON 
April 31 House Show Niagara ON 
May 6 The Yellow Door Ft. Artist QC 
May 7 Café Kaapeh QC 
May 8 NGD Porchfest QC